In Office Sinus CT Scan

In office sinus CT scan

The ILUMA Cone Beam CT (CAT) scanner is an in office CT scanner that offers a variety of advantages over traditional scanning. These include high resolution images with 3 dimensional reconstructions. The sinuses, ears, facial bones, and TMJ’s can be displayed clearly and in various views. Additionally, the cone beam CT has significantly lower radiation exposure than traditional CT scans. This ranges from 1/20th in children’s scans to 1/7th in adult scans. With increasing concerns about life-time radiation exposure, this is a critical advantage over traditional imaging. Image disturbances caused by metallic structures such as braces or fillings–is minimized. Patients are able to sit comfortably without having to flex or extend their necks into difficult positions. Children’s scans can be accomplished in as few as 7 seconds.

The ILUMA Cone Beam CT scanner allows us to scan, diagnose, and treat within a single visit. The large, easy to see scans displayed on the monitor, makes it easy for you to review with the doctor. Because of its open and stable design, getting your in office sinus CT scan in our office is comfortable, convenient and safe.

In Office Sinus CT scan image.

Sinus CT scan