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Tired of Suffering from Sinus Pain?

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Battling Chronic Sinusitis?

Effective, long-lasting relief from sinus suffering is possible!

Recurring sinus symptoms, such as nasal drip, facial pain and swelling, sore throat, coughing and headaches that just won't go away are clear signs you may be suffering from chronic sinusitis. This can often negatively affect your life in many ways, such as your ability to get a good night's rest and feel your best for work and school. You may be a candidate for an in-office, innovative solution called Balloon Sinuplasty. DFW Sinus might be your answer to long-lasting relief! 

Get Relief from your Sinus Pressure and Pain

A Treatment Plan to Fit YOU

Are you suffering with chronic sinus pain that isn't being helped by prescriptions and doctor visits?

Don't be discouraged.  DFW Sinus specializes in individual treatment plans to fit each patient, including a safe, effective, clinically-proven option that improves sinus sufferers’ quality of life.

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Are you in pain?

Most patients experiencing chronic sinus congestion or pain can be seen by Dr. Trimble or a member of our team very quickly.  Some next day appointments are available.  We make the process as painless as possible, so we can focus on our most-important goal: restoring your health!

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Consider Balloon Sinuplasty!

Balloon Sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis and allows patients to return to normal activities, such as work or school, quickly. Best of all, this procedure does not include surgically removing bone or tissue from the nose.

A Personalized Approach

Dr. Trimble and his staff of sinus care specialists provide one-on-one communication and offer the comfort and expertise each client deserves, covering options and goals to meet each patient’s individual expectations, at 3 convenient locations throughout Southlake, and Fort Worth, TX.

I saw Dr. Trimble for a second opinion after having gone to an ENT where I was "diagnosed" by a PA as needing balloon sinuplasty. A friend recommended Dr. Trimble and I am so glad she did. I found Dr. Trimble's staff to be very caring and through. Dr. Trimble took his time to get a complete background, asked questions, and listened to me. He discussed my case and came up with a very good treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Trimble.